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What do I need to know about tyres to keep the right side of the law and to keep me and my loved ones safe?

  • You must have the correct type and size of tyre for the type of vehicle you are driving

  • Tyres must be inflated to the correct pressure

  • The minimum depth of tread to be withing the law is 1.6 mm across 3/4 of the tread - many manufacturers recommend no less than 3mm as your breaking efficiency will be reduced

  • Tyres with less than the legal amount of tread can lead to three penalty points and up to 2500 fine per tyre!

  • Cross ply and radial tyres cannot be mixed on the same axle

These are just brief notes on some aspects of UK tyre law - how can you keep within the law and keep you and your loved ones safe?

Tyre Information

Call into Lakeside Garage and get the experts to check your tyres today. Pete and his team are not tied to any particular manufacturer, so they can advise you on what would best suit you and your circumstances.They carry a large stock but with so many different vehicles and tyres available , they may need to order them in for you.

Delivery can be a quick as an hour or two, but it might be the next day or longer, depending on what you are after.

Lakeside Garage can provide you with an "all in one price" - remove, supply, fit, new valve, balance and recyle the old tyre! Pete and Chris can work out individual pricings for a range of suitable tyres and then you can choose what you want.

Lakeside Garage can adjust the tracking to the manufacturers' limits on 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive vehicles. This is essential to maintain even tyre wear - keeping you safer.

Your four tyres are your only contact with the road, to be safe they must be the right tyre, at the correct pressure, with at least the legal limit of tread to give you the cottect grip to accelerate, corner and
STOP safely.

Lakeside Garage to talk tyres to Pete and his team - they'll help keep you safe.

Wheel balancing
Tyre fitting

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