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Pete in Reception

Welcome to the Servicing section of the Lakeside Garage web site.

Servicing is not an occasional visit to the garage when your car is running badly or when it breaks down. Cars are designed to be serviced at recommended intervals and keeping to the manufacturers schedule will give you many benefits.

  • BRAKES - discs, drums, pad and shoes - you can't easily see them, but will your neglected brakes really pull you up in time when there is an emergency?

  • TYRES & STEERING - are your tyres legal and safe, are they wearing unevenly, are the inside tyre walls safe and secure - new tyres and wheel tracking with the latest equipment is available at Lakeside Garage.

  • NEW CARS - we can maintain any new car using genuine parts and your dealer warrenty is not affected - just compare our prices with the main dealers

  • CARBON FOOTPRINT - a well maintained car will give better fuel consumption and have lower emissions, it will run better for longer and could save you having to replace it prematurely

  • COURTSEY CARS - need to drop your car off for servicing and then drive on to work - Lakeside Garage has courtesy cars available. please contact Christopher in Reception for prices

  • SAFER DRIVING - with a properly maintained car, both you and your family are safer

  • ENGINE MANAGEMENT - Lakeside Garage uses the most up to date diagnostic equipment to analyse any engine management problems

Jamie changing the oil

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