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The MOT test for your vehicle

Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road must keep it in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that vehicles meet road safety and environmental standards. The first MOT test for a vehicle is required when itís three years old. There are different rules if itís used as a taxi.

What is tested?

Quite lot! Body work, tyres, seats, emissions, exhaust ststems. etc. Just take a look at the red MOT car on the left and move it around to see exactly what's tested.

Lakeside Garage was confirmed as an MOT station in June 2011, so you be assured that both the equipment and tester are totally up to date. So does this mean that my car is going to be tested more rigourously than at some other MOT station? NO IT DOESN'T!

The standard of testing is highly regulated by VOSA and they constantly monitor all MOT stations to ensure that the same high standard of testing is found everywhere. What use would what is basicly a safety test be, if some garages passed a car with faulty brakes and dodgy exhaust emissions. The standards are strict but fair and they are consistant - if you find them otherwise you can complain to VOSA.

You can renew your MOT up to one month before it expires without affecting your annual expiry date. If you book your car in with Christopher, you can sit and watch the test in the waiting room on closed circuit TV. The MOT test can take up to one hour.

You could always leave the car at Lakeside Garage all day and hire a courtesy car for the day, especially if you suspect that some minor work may be needed to pass the test.

Phone, e-mail or call into Lakeside Garage to disccuss your car's MOT before it is just about to expire.


MOT exterior
MOT signs
MOT suspension
MOT bay
On the MOT ramp
MOT waiting room
MOT test bay

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